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We are dedicated to providing solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Other providers may try to sell you a "one size fits all" solution. Our representatives will take the time to work with you and customize your services so they deliver the precise solution that meets your particular needs.


Telephone line featuresYour local telephone company can activate features that help you to maximize the benefits of your Voiceplus voicemail service.  Most of these features are already available on your lines and simply need to be activated.  In cases where it is necessary to order these as additional services, the fees are nominal.  If you need any assistance, or if you would like for us to assist you in the activation of these features please don't hesitate to give us a call.

The following telephone company features on your phone line(s) will automatically forward callers to voicemail:

Call Forwarding Don't Answer (Multi-path) can be used whenever you are unable to answer the phone so that calls will automatically forward to your voicemail.  Your callers will always be answered in a timely fashion.  Using this feature, callers will never go unanswered.

* This feature must be activated by your telephone company.
* The "multi-path" option allows up to 10 simultaneous call forwards.


Call Forwarding Busy (Multi-path)
can be used whenever your phone line is busy so that calls will go to your voicemail. You may be on another phone call, or you may be online with your internet service provider. Your callers will never hear a busy signal again. 

* This feature must be activated by your telephone company.
* The "multi-path" option allows up to 10 simultaneous call forwards.

Call Forwarding Variable
allows a customer to have incoming calls automatically forwarded to another telephone number. When you forward a call, you input an activation code and the number to which you want your calls forwarded. Call forwarding must be deactivated to begin receiving calls again. You could forward calls to voicemail during lunch, in the evenings, or on weekends.  Alternatively, you could use this feature to forward all calls to your Virtual PBX, allowing the Virtual PBX to act as an automated attendant for your main telephone number.

Turn it On
  1. At the dial tone, dial [7] [2] [#]. [2]
  2. At the second dial tone, dial the "Forward-to" number.
When the phone is answered, Call Forwarding is on.
If the phone isn't answered, go through the steps again.

When you hear short tones, Call Forwarding is on.

Turn it Off

  1. Listen for dial tone.
  2. Dial [7] [3] [#].2

When you hear short tones followed by a steady dial tone, Call Forwarding is off.


  You might hear a short ring as a call is forwarded, but you won't be able to answer it.
  Remember, Call Forwarding stays on until you turn it off.

[1] If a call is forwarded to a number outside your local calling area, usage or long distance charges will apply to your account, not your caller's.

[2] On a rotary or dial pulse telephone, omit #.

The following telephone company features, when active on your phone line(s), will allow you to selectively forward callers to voicemail:

Three way conference with call transfer allows a customer to selectively transfer a caller to voicemail.  If the caller requests a person that is not available then you can transfer that caller directly into the person's voicemail. This feature can also be used to transfer callers to any other telephone such as a cell phone, home telephone, or satellite office.

* This feature must be activated by your telephone company.


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