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We are dedicated to providing solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Other providers may try to sell you a "one size fits all" solution. Our representatives will take the time to work with you and customize your services so they deliver the precise solution that meets your particular needs.


Our communication platforms are state-of-the-art digital systems with the most advanced features and capabilities in the industry.  Each of our packages provide you with your own unique local Atlanta telephone number that you can forward your calls to or could be used as your main telephone number with a listing in both the white pages and directory assistance.

RealtorPlus Selling Line (Real Estate Virtual Office)


The RealtorPlus Selling Line (Real Estate Virtual Office) is an enhanced service that supplies customers with a collection of info-boxes (initially 10) that can be accessed by dialing a 3-digit property number. Each info-box has an extended 5 minute greeting and can be configured to take a message or simply play a property listing or other informational prompt. This package also includes monthly detailed call reports that will itemize every call into your system, including Caller ID (where available) , the date and time of call, and any mailboxes accessed.

The default configuration doesn't take messages but message-taking can be configured on request.

Sample Applications

Property Listing
24 Hour Information On-Demand
Ad Response

Included Features

  • Private local telephone number
  • Starts with 10 info-boxes, each with a 5 minute greeting
  • Main auto-attendant greeting
  • Incoming fax with email delivery.
  • Detailed call reports delivered by fax or email
  • Caller ID tracking for messages and detailed call reports
  • Date and time stamp on messages
  • 1000 message capacity per mailbox
  • New messages are never deleted*
  • Saved messages are stored for 30 days*
  • Immediate message notification via pager, telephone, or email with up to 100 different notification schedules
  • 10 personal greetings per mailbox
  • Greeting activation by busy, no answer, or call block
  • Greeting activation by time of day or day of week.
  • Multiple simultaneous calls (multi-line) 

Optional Features 

  • Message delivery to email
  • Additional voice info-boxes
  • Longer outgoing messages
  • Live Connect
  • Toll-free (800) number
  • Separate telephone numbers that ring directly into member info-boxes. 
  • Telephone Directory Listing

Price: $39.95 / month   

* When email delivery is active the default is to auto-delete messages after 3 days.
* Charges of $0.03/min apply to live connect and notify calls outside the local calling area.


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