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  Custom Solutions  
We are dedicated to providing solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Other providers may try to sell you a "one size fits all" solution. Our representatives will take the time to work with you and customize your services so they deliver the precise solution that meets your particular needs.

At a fraction of the cost for a receptionist, our answering service can answer your phone with a live operator either 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, after hours, or overflow when your phones are busy.

Our courteous, highly motivated and intelligent call center representatives will take your messages in a professional manner, leaving your callers impressed with your organization. This high tech, high touch service will improve your image and, directly impact your bottom line. Here are some of the ways we can blend our answering service with our voice mail, fax and e-mail capabilities to keep you in touch.

Rates start at $50.00/month plus $0.95 per message.
Account activation includes a $75.00 training fee.

If you have any questions about our "Live" Telephone Answering Services or to receive more information regarding pricing, please call us today at 678-318-1300.

  • Alphanumeric Dispatch
  • Operator Transfer To Voice Mail
  • Electronic Call Screening
  • 800 # Messaging
  • Express Message Check-in
  • Voice Mail Message Delivery
  • Fax Message Delivery
  • E-Mail Message Delivery

Operator Transfer To Voice Mail helps alleviate telephone clutter in your office and enhances your interoffice  communication capabilities. Your caller is answered by one of  our professional Telephone Service Representatives (TSRs).  They will tell the caller that you are not available, and ask the  caller if they would like your voice mail. If the caller does not  wish to leave a message in your personal voice mailbox, the TSR will take the message and deliver it to you directly.  Each  person in your office could have a personal voice mailbox.   That way not only would we transfer the caller into the mailbox of the person asked for, but your company could communicate  by sending each other messages, forwarding  messages, and  generally improving your internal communications.   [top]

Electronic Call Screening, often referred to as Voice Mail  with Operator revert, is a cost effective alternative to traditional answering services.  It allows you to provide  information to your callers about your office hours and reduces  your cost of live operator messaging.  The caller hears a recording in your voice which could tell them your office hours and give instructions for emergency calls. Simply pressing '0' or  staying on the line will direct the caller to a professional Telephone Service Representative (TSR) who will take the  information and follow your specified emergency procedure.  Your personal recording could instruct callers with routine questions to call again during office hours during the next business day or to leave a message in your voice mailbox  for later pick up.[top].  

Alphanumeric Dispatch puts your messages on your pager  immediately! Your calls are routed to one of our Telephone  Service Representatives (TSRs) and your callers give their message to us. We transmit that message to your pager, giving  you immediate communications no matter where you are.   Your callers will be impressed with the thorough and professional manner in which we take the message and how  promptly you respond to their call.   [top]

800 # Messaging Service provides you with one of our  800#'s. Your callers can call your business and reach your professional "live" operator at any time.  We answer 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and will deliver your messages based upon your personalized instructions.   [top]

Express Check-In lets you know immediately if you have no messages. Charges for operator services are based upon operator time.  With Express Check-In you are never charged to find out you have no messages.  It's simple.  You dial an access number and enter a security code which is unique to your account.  If you have messages you are routed directly to   an operator or your voice mailbox for message delivery.  If you have no messages you will hear a second dial tone and you can simply hang up, no need to talk to an operator [top]

Voice Mail Message Delivery provides instant message pick-up without having to wait for an operator. We answer  your phone, take the message from your caller, and  immediately record the message into a voice mailbox. This also works with Operator Transfer or Voice Mail Operator Revert.  We can also have your mailbox page you when a call is recorded into your mailbox.  [top]

Fax Message Delivery sends your messages via your  facsimile machine.  We can send each message as it comes in,  fax your messages on a predetermined schedule to a predetermined fax number, fax your messages into a mailbox  which allows  you to retrieve your messages from any location  or fax your messages whenever you request us to.  Fax Message delivery helps you maximize your time as you never have to waste time writing down a message or waiting for an  operator to deliver messages to you.   [top]

E-Mail Message Delivery sends your messages, every 15  minutes to your e-mail address. You can pick up your messages at any time, along with any other e-mail you may have. [top]

For more information call today.

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