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Live Answering

Sound like a Fortune 500 24 hours a day with
live answering service

Have calls routed to home, office, or cell with 
Ninja Number.
Virtual PBX

Calls for your entire company are managed with OfficePlus.

Are you getting the message?

In today's fast-paced world, each of us are constantly on the go. The internet has helped by delivering tools such as email and instant messaging that allow us to communicate more efficiently, but none of these will replace our need to communicate verbally with others. Voiceplus has developed a full range of communication services to help you manage this world of an "always-on" internet, but on your schedule and most importantly on your terms.
Email Delivery
Voice and fax messages can be delivered to email with MessagePlus.  Check voicemail on your phone and save the email forever.
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If you're looking for local Voicemail, an Answering Service, or a Call Center outside of Atlanta then you'll want to check-out VoiceNation.  

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